Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

This Christmas was great! We had many a good family party and were spoiled by Santa and family (as always). Chad had to work on Christmas Eve and that is always hard for me and the kids, but we had him home on the big day and we loved it. The kids got a Wii (finally) and much needed clothes. (They never stop growing!)Chad and I got a new water heater, WAHOO!!!, as well as passports and a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean in April. We are very blessed to have all the fun things we have.
New Years Eve found Chad at work again so the kids and I went to my parents house and had one heck of a party with Ma and Pa, Aunt Julie, Aunt Megan, Uncle Adam and Ellie. We ate Cafe Rio and made ourselves absolutely sick laughing while playing games. My parents are such good sports when us kids enjoy their "senior moments". We laughed until we cried and Megan started to snort so we called it a night.
I am excited for the New Year and hope it is a good one!