Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belt Testing

So, Oakley and I had our first belt test in Taekwando last Friday and it was awesome! We are now advanced white belts. There were a lot of people testing so it was mostly a group effort. We did our blocks, kicks and forms and then a bit of self defense and sparring with a partner. Near the end of the test we all had to break a board with a side kick. All the kids in the class broke 1/2 inch boards, but I had to break a 3/4 inch one. One of the key things in Taekwando is confidence. (If I didnt have any of that, I wouldn't be taking a class with all kids!) Honestly, when Mr. McPharlin put the board in front of me, I told him he gave me the wrong one, that it was too big. He laughed and walked away. I watched all the kids, including Oakley, break their boards without a problem, so when it came my turn I took that confidence and focus and Ki ap'ed for all I was worth and did it. It is amazing what a little faith in yourself can do!!!
I have loved being able to take this class with Oakley and share this with her. She is an amazing thing to watch. If ever I think I can't do something, I look at her and see what she has accomplished and I don't have any more excusses. It can take up to 3 years to get a black belt and that is our goal. We will keep you posted on our progress!!!


Michelle... said...

That is so great! What a fun thing for you guys to do together.

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