Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have been tagged yet again by both Tammy and Sonya so here goes another....
Here is how it works.
First - post the rules on your blog,
Second - answer the six questions about yourself
Third - let each person you tag know by leaving a comment on their blog.
So here goes.....
1. My eight favorite shows
So You Think You Can Dance
American Idol
Top Chef
The Office
Diners, Drive In's and Dives
Amazing Race
Friday Night Lights
2. Eight things I did yesterday
Ran 4 miles with Chad
Went to buy Lysol at Wal-Mart
Went to my sister Megan's house
Went to the library
Finished a book
Watched Friday Night Lights
Had Ice Cream for dinner (yes, I really did)
Watched High School Musical 3 with my girls... not by choice
3. Eight things I am looking forward to:
Going on my cruise in April
Hopefully running the SF Marathon with Sonya
Chad's schedule changing to the 48/96
Getting my tax return
Finally finishing the rest of the basement
The day when I can re-carpet the living room
4. My eight favorite restaurants
Texas Roadhouse
Asain Star
Red Lobster
Cafe Rio
Chin Wah
5. Eight thinks on my wish list
trip to Hawaii
trip to Ireland
trip to Italy
My dad to find a good job
Non-whining kids
To be financially comfortable
New carpet (I know I have mentioned that before!)
Nice vacation with the family
6. Eight people I tag
Julie Jensen
Kristin Dalley
And who ever else wants to play along


So, I have now been tagged for this e-mail 6 times, so I decided it was time to finally answer the burning questions on all your minds. My life, as follows...

YOU'RE IT! If you opened it, you have to do it (it only takes a couple minutes -
I Promise!) Then, send it back to the person who sent it to you and to the rest
of your friends!

Five names you go by:

1. Mom
2. Kristin
3. Kris
4. Honey
5. Kritter (my dad calls me this)

Three things you are wearing right now:

1. scrubs
2. t-shirt
3. socks

Two things you want very badly at the moment:

1. to be asleep
2. to re-assign sharing time for the month of March

Three people who will probably fill this out:

1. Tenille
2. Tiff
3. Michelle

Two things you did last night:

1. watched the food network
2. finished a book

Two things you ate today:

1. Oatmeal
2. Diet Dr Pepper

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:

1. Working
2. Start planning sharing time...UGH!

Two longest car rides:

1. Utah to Littleton, Colorado
2. Utah to Disneyland

Two of your favorite beverages (non-alcoholic)

1. Diet Dr Pepper
2. Ice Water

Now, here's what you're supposed to do ..... And please do not Spoil the fun.
Hit forward, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then send this to a
whole bunch of people you know INCLUDING the Person who sent it to you.

There.... I hope you are all happy now!!! ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The New Year

I have a good feeling about this year! It has started with some changes in things for our family as I have gone back to work. I will only be working 2 days a week, but it will be all day. I am working as a scheduler for Alta View Internal Medicine. I schedule additional tests for patients, such as MRI's, X-Rays, ultra sounds, appointments with other doctors, etc. I have been there a couple weeks now and it is hard! Lots to learn and trying to read the Docs handwriting? Forget it! I am learning and getting more and more comfortable with it as I work more, but the adjustment is still a work in progress. I love the adult conversation and time away from laundry and the other "house wife" duties. I think it will be something I do for a long time.
Dustin recently was awarded his Arrow Of Light for cub scouts and was bridged into boy scouts the same night. He is excited to start doing things with the "big boys".
Oakley is starting to take piano again and determined to stick with it. She faithfully practices and looks forward to when Grandma Doyle comes to teach her.
Kylie just keeps growing and getting smarter and smarter. She loves school! She comes home every day and immediately does her homework and then goes in the front room and plays school for a couple hours. I love having a child that excited about learing!
Chad is getting ready to start a fire officer class this month so he is busy studying and preparing his presentation on SCBA masks. How exciting! I am so proud to be his wife. He works so hard for us and continues to look for opportunities to be promoted. He was made an Engineer last year and is working toward testing for Captain in the next few years. He is such a good husband and father! I am so blessed to be married to him!
So, that is the current update on our family. Hope you all have a great new year as well!