Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So, we finally got the picture of Oakley and I with the Jonas Brothers from the Stadium of Fire.
They rushed us in so fast, that I stepped on Joe's toes (far right) and had just turned around to tell him I was sorry and all of a sudden, the guy taking the picture, (who was really cute and Oakley found him more interesting than the Jo Bros) said," 1,2 and3" and took the picture. So, needless to say, Although the Jo Bros have their practiced, professional smiles on, Oak and I were not as prepared for the moment so I look like I am on speed and Oak was still flirting with the cute guy who was taking the picture. It was still really fun for her to do and something she will never forget.
We were able to view all the other pictures that were taken that night as well and even though there were other little girls, Oakley was the only one Kevin crouched down next to. He also gave her a hug while he shook everyone elses hands. It makes her feel pretty darn special. I happen to think she is just that!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stadium Of Fire

Last week, we got a phone call from Mike Babcock at Shriner's asking if we were planning to be in town over the 4th and if we would like some tickets to see the Jonas Brothers at the Stadium of Fire. We originally were planning to be gone camping, but this changed things.
A very nice lady had bought 6 tickets and donated them to Shriners and told Mike to pick one patient to give them to. Mike, being the great man that he is, thought of Oakley. We were given 6 tickets to go enjoy the show. I told Oakley and she said, "Well, I dont really like them that much, but I guess since the tickets are free we can go." I had to laugh.
A few days later, I got a call from the Jonas Brothers production manager asking if Oakley and I would like tickets to meet the Jonas Brothers. For someone who "doesn't really like them" Oakley screemed so loud!!! They could only offer us 2 wristbands and one of the people had to be an adult. Kylie was bummed, but she got over it.
We started out the evening with dinner at Brick Oven and then headed over to LaVelle Edwards Stadium for the big meet 'n greet. We had spent $50 on shirts and took Oakley's prosthetic for them to sign only to get there and have them say that we couldnt take any pictures of our own and that we could not ask for autographs. They had a photographer there who took our picture with the Jo Bro's and that we can "purchase at a later time if we choose to". It was a little disappointing, but Oakley is still on cloud 9! The Jo Bro's were shaking everyones hands as they went up to get the pictures taken, but they all hugged Oakley. We were only blessed to be in their presence for about 10 minutes total, but it was a great experience for Oakley.
After the photo op, we went to meet Chad and Kylie and find our seats. The person who donated the tickets had paid $120 a piece for the seats and we were right on the field with a perfect view of the stage. We were also seated right behind all the service men and women and the kids got a kick out of seeing all of them in uniform.
The 388th fighter wing from Hill AFB did a fly over and the audience sang the National Anthem as it was broadcast to military bases throughout the world. It was very emotional!
SheDaisy was the opening act and they did a great job! Glenn Beck was the "host" and he was very emotional through out. He also did a good job. Then the Jonas Brothers came on and all you could hear for a while was screeming! Like Oakley, I am not a big fan, but they put on a good show and we all had a great time. Oakley is now a pretty big fan. They also retired a huge flag at the end of the night by burning it. It was really cool for the kids to take part in that.
We are very appreciative of the people who donated these tickets and that we were chosen to use them. Oakley has had a rough recovery from her surgery a couple weeks ago, but since we were given these tickets, she has kept telling me how special she feels that of all the patients at the hospital that she was the one who was picked.
Thanks again Mike.... It was a night our family will never forget!!!