Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So, we finally got the picture of Oakley and I with the Jonas Brothers from the Stadium of Fire.
They rushed us in so fast, that I stepped on Joe's toes (far right) and had just turned around to tell him I was sorry and all of a sudden, the guy taking the picture, (who was really cute and Oakley found him more interesting than the Jo Bros) said," 1,2 and3" and took the picture. So, needless to say, Although the Jo Bros have their practiced, professional smiles on, Oak and I were not as prepared for the moment so I look like I am on speed and Oak was still flirting with the cute guy who was taking the picture. It was still really fun for her to do and something she will never forget.
We were able to view all the other pictures that were taken that night as well and even though there were other little girls, Oakley was the only one Kevin crouched down next to. He also gave her a hug while he shook everyone elses hands. It makes her feel pretty darn special. I happen to think she is just that!!!


Sonya Peterson said...

I love that picture. what an awsome experience.