Monday, August 3, 2009

Yellow Belt Test

This past Friday night, Oakley and I had our testing
for our yellow belts. It was a great night and we
both made it through. In our last belt test, we had to break a board with a side kick and this time we had to do an ax kick. Oakley was nervous she wouldn't be able to break one due to her recent surgery, but she had no problems! As always I was left in amazement of her.
It was extra fun this time because we had Dustin and Kylie with us as well as my mom and dad (who was nice enough to take our pictures) as well as my mother-in-law and Nana. We always have so much family support! We are very lucky!
Way to go Oakley!!!


Sonya Peterson said...

That is awsome. i can't beleive her sometimes either. congrats!

Missy said...

Kristin, you are amazing too! How fun for you two to do that together. I wan't to put your blog on my blog list since I dont VT you any more(not like I was that great each month :) It'll be fun to keep updated on how you're doing. I hope you dont mind. :)